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Bangalore To Goa Private Buses

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Travelling on road from Bangalore To Goa in Private Buses is a good choice. If you are planning to travel from Bangalore to Goa here is a list of private and omni buses in this route.
Bangalore to Goa distance is approximately 797Kms. A total of 6 operators provide bus service from Bangalore to Goa, connecting two important cities of India and a total of 18 Major operators who operate buses from Bangalore to Goa are Sea Bird Tourist, Paulo Travels, SRS Travels Bangalore. Bangalore to Goa bus timings vary with different operator, it takes around 10hrs 45min to 16hrs 15min to complete this journey depending on the operator and the type of bus. The buses start from 03:32 PM to 10:45 PM in the night, which provides the flexibility to the customer. The lowest Bangalore to Goa bus fare being Rs.600 and the highest being Rs.10000.

List of Omni Buses and private Buses From Bangalore To Goa

Bangalore- 797 kms; Duration 13hrs 17min; Private Bus minimum fare : Rs. 600Goa-

Bus name- Route- Departure- Arrival- Duration
VRL Travels - Non A/C Seater/Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 05:00 PM- 09:15 AM- 16hrs 15min3.93
VRL Travels- Non A/C Seater/Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 05:00 PM- 09:10 AM- 16hrs 10min3.37 - Ratings- 5
SRS Travels Bangalore - Non A/C Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 07:30 PM- 08:30 AM- 13hrs 4.61 - Ratings- 32
SRS Travels Bangalore- Non A/C Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 07:30 PM- 08:30 AM- 13hrs 4.37 - Ratings- 43
SRS Travels Bangalore- Non A/C Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 07:30 PM- 08:30 AM- 13hrs 4.28 - Ratings- 135
SRS Travels Bangalore- Volvo A/C Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 10:15 PM- 09:00 AM- 10hrs 45min3.98 - Ratings- 188
Sea Bird Tourist - Non A/C Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 06:00 PM- 07:00 AM- 13hrs 3.62 - Ratings- 65
Sea Bird Tourist- Non A/C Seater/Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 06:30 PM- 08:00 AM- 13hrs 30min2.74 - Ratings- 247
Sea Bird Tourist- A/C Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 08:00 PM- 09:00 AM- 13hrs 3.36 - Ratings- 308
Sea Bird Tourist- Volvo A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 08:45 PM- 08:45 AM- 12hrs 2.47 - Ratings- 76
Sea Bird Tourist- Volvo A/C Multi Axle SemiSleeper (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 09:30 PM- 10:30 AM- 13hrs 3.04 - Ratings- 280
Sea Bird Tourist- Volvo A/C Multi Axle SemiSleeper (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 10:45 PM- 10:45 AM- 12hrs 2.39 - Ratings- 127
Paulo Travels - Non A/C Sleeper (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 03:32 PM- 06:32 AM- 15hrs 2.92
Paulo Travels- A/C Sleeper (2+1)Bangalore to Goa 05:10 PM- 07:30 AM- 14hrs 20min3.1 - Ratings- 207
Paulo Travels- Volvo A/C Seater/Sleeper (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 06:17 PM- 08:17 AM- 14hrs 2.92
Paulo Travels- Volvo A/C Multi Axle Sleeper(2+1)Bangalore to Goa 08:42 PM- 08:57 AM- 12hrs 15min1.14 - Ratings- 2
Goa Kadamba State Transport - Volvo A/C Seater (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 07:45 PM- 08:15 AM- 12hrs 30min4.16 - Ratings- 494
Kesineni Travels - Volvo A/C -Multi Axle Semi sleeper (2+2)Bangalore to Goa 10:00 PM- 10:30 AM- 12hrs 30min2.33 - Ratings- 5 ratings

Omni buses for going to Goa from Bangalore

Bangalore to Goa bus route private bus operators give you choices of travel to choose from various types of buses such as Non A/C Seater & Sleeper, Non A/C Sleeper, Volvo A/C Multi-Axle Semisleeper, Volvo A/C Multi-Axle SemiSleeper, A/C Sleeper, Volvo A/C Semisleeper, Volvo A/C Seater & Sleeper, Volvo A/C Multi-Axle Sleeper, Volvo A/C Seater and many other fleet types. Most operators provide basic facilities on this route.
Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka. The city popularly nicknamed as the 'Silicon Valley of India' is the nation's third most populous city. Owing to its charm and wide range of opportunities, host of people visit Bangalore every year. Bangalore is well connected through road, rail and airways. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates Bangalore bus timings and bus routes across and outside the city. Bangalore's major bus depot is Majestic Bus Stand that connects the city to other neighboring cities and states. Bangalore to Chennai, Bangalore to Tamil Nadu, Bangalore to Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore to Mangalore, Bangalore to Kerala, Bangalore to Mysore are some of the most popular Bangalore bus routes.

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