Chunar Junction Railway Station (CAR)

If you are visiting the Indian city Chunar Junction, then you must know the trains that pass through, start and terminates at Chunar Junction Railway Station.
You can find the list of all trains connected with the Chunar Junction Railway Station below. The train time table list is duly linked with every express, mail, passenger trains so that by visiting the links it is easy to know the train schedule.
CAR is the Indian Railway station code for Chunar Junction Railway Station .
The table shows you the arrival and departure time at Chunar Junction Railway Station for all the trains stopping at – CAR

Complete list of Trains stopping at Chunar Junction Railway Station (CAR)

Trains starting, ending & passing through Chunar Junction Railway Station (CAR)

Chunar Junction
Train No.Train NameOriginArr.Dep.Days Of Run
11093Mahanagari ExpressMumbai CST03:0603:08YYYYYYY
11094Mahanagari ExpressVaranasi Junction12:2612:28YYYYYYY
13007Udyan Abha Toofan ExpressKolkata Howrah Junction03:1503:16YYYYYYY
13008Udyan Abha Toofan ExpressShri Ganganagar00:0100:02YYYYYYY
13040Janta ExpressOld Delhi Junction10:5310:55YYYYYYY
13111Lal Quila ExpressKolkata Chitpur13:0313:04YYYYYYY
13112Lal Quila ExpressOld Delhi Junction13:0313:05YYYYYYY
13201Patna RajendraNagar-Mumbai LTT ExpressRajendra Nagar Bihar05:1105:12YYYYYYY
13202Mumbai LTT-Patna RajendraNagar ExpressMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus02:3802:40YYYYYYY
13345Varanasi-Singrauli IntercityVaranasi Junction16:2016:50YYYYYYY
13346Singrauli-Varanasi IntercitySingrauli10:4011:10YYYYYYY
14369Tribeni ExpressSingrauli00:0900:10NYNYNYN
14370Triveni ExpressBareilly Junction00:4300:45YNYNYNN
18101Tatanagar Jammu Tawi ExpressTatanagar Junction06:3006:40YYYYYYY
18109Rourkela – Muri – Jammu ExpressRourkela Junction06:3006:40YYYYYYY
18110Jammu Tawi-Rourkela ExpressJammu Tawi18:1318:15YYYYYYY
18201Durg-Nautanwa ExpressDurg Junction12:2912:30NNYNYNN
18202Nautanwa-Durg ExpressNautanwa20:0020:02NNNNYNY
19045Surat-Chhapra Tapti Ganga ExpressSurat08:2308:25YNYYYNY
19046Chhapra-Surat Tapti Ganga ExpressChhapra Junction18:4818:50NYYNYYY
19047Surat-Bhagalpur ExpressSurat08:2308:25NYNNNYN
19048Bhagalpur Surat ExpressBhagalpur Junction18:4918:50YNNYNNN
24369Triveni ExpressShakti Nagar00:0900:10YNYNYNY
24370Triveni ExpressBareilly Junction00:4300:45NYNYNYY
84369Tribeni Link ExpressBarwadih Junction00:0900:10YYYYYYY
12175Chambal ExpressKolkata Howrah Junction05:4105:42NYYNNNY
12176Chambal ExpressGwalior Junction19:0319:05NYNYNYN
12177Chambal ExpressKolkata Howrah Junction05:4105:42NNNNYNN
12178Chambal ExpressMathura Junction19:0319:05YNNNNNN
12321Howrah-Mumbai Mail (Via Allahabad)Kolkata Howrah Junction09:0109:02YYYYYYY
12322Mumbai-Howrah SF Mail (Via Allahabad)Mumbai CST22:4622:48YYYYYYY
12873Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti ExpressHatia02:3002:45YYNYNNN
12874Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti ExpressDelhi Anand Vihar Terminal06:3506:40NYYNYNN
22911Shipra ExpressIndore Junction BG19:0319:05NYNYNYN
22912Shipra ExpressKolkata Howrah Junction05:4105:42YNNYNYN
53345Chopan Allahabad PassengerChopan07:5508:05YYYYYYY
53346Allahabad Chopan Shaktinagar PassengerAllahabad Junction18:5018:55YYYYYYY
53351Barwadih-Chunar PassengerBarwadih Junction11:55DestinationYYYYYYY
53352Chunar Barwadih PassengerChunar JunctionSource14:00YYYYYYY
54103Chunar Allahabad PassengerChunar JunctionSource06:10YYYYYYY
54104Allahabad Chunar PassengerAllahabad Junction21:40DestinationYYYYYYY
54105Mughalsarai Allahabad PassengerMughal Sarai Junction16:5416:55YYYYYYY
54106Allahabad Mughal Sarai PassengerAllahabad Junction10:1710:18YYYYYYY

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