Jaipur Yesvantpur Weekly GaribRath Holiday Special 06512

Indian railway Express Train Numbered 06512 starts from Jaipur Junction railway station and runs upto Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction.
The Garib RathTrain Jaipur Yesvantpur Weekly GaribRath Holiday Special 06512 Runs on: Tue from Jaipur Junction

Train Name

Jaipur Yesvantpur Weekly GaribRath Holiday Special

Train Number


Train Type

Garib Rath
Jaipur Junction Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (26.921000, 75.785100)
Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (13.021900, 77.552496)

Jaipur JunctionSource15:300 Km.
Kishangarh16:5016:52105.9 Km.
Ajmer Junction17:3017:40134.7 Km.
Marwar Junction19:3819:40274.3 Km.
Falna20:2020:22340.7 Km.
Abu Road22:0022:10441.1 Km.
Palanpur Junction23:3823:40492.2 Km.
Mahesana Junction00:5500:57557.2 Km.
Sabarmati Junction02:3002:32624.7 Km.
Ahmedabad Junction03:1003:30630.2 Km.
Nadiad Junction04:1104:13675.8 Km.
Anand Junction04:3004:32694.3 Km.
Vadodara Junction05:1005:20730 Km.
Surat07:3807:43859.8 Km.
Valsad08:3608:38928.5 Km.
Vapi08:5308:55954.9 Km.
Vasai Road10:5011:001075. Km.
Kalyan Junction12:3012:351121. Km.
Karjat Junction13:2713:301167. Km.
Khandala13:5814:001192. Km.
Lonavala14:1014:151196. Km.
Pune Junction15:3015:451260. Km.
Daund Junction16:5017:001335. Km.
Kurduvadi Junction17:5217:541443. Km.
Solapur19:4019:501522. Km.
Hotgi Junction20:1520:201537. Km.
Bijapur23:2023:251632. Km.
Bagalkot01:2001:251729. Km.
Gadag Junction03:3503:501823. Km.
Hubli Junction06:3006:501881. Km.
Haveri07:4807:501956. Km.
Davangere09:0009:022025. Km.
Birur Junction10:3810:402140. Km.
Arsikere Junction11:4011:452185. Km.
Tumkur14:0214:042281. Km.
Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction15:10Destination2345. Km.

Lattitude and Longitude From Station:- (26.921000, 75.785100) to Station (13.021900, 77.552496)

Road/Route Map For Jaipur Junction To Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction

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