Jammu Tawi Ahmedabad (Weekly) GaribRath Special 02208

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Indain railway train time table and schedule of departure and arrival of Garib Rath 02208.
Detailed train stoppings and time for Jammu Tawi Ahmedabad (Weekly) GaribRath Special (02208)
Runs on: Thu
Travel time: 28 hours 5 minutes .

Train Time Table of Jammu Tawi Ahmedabad (Weekly) GaribRath Special 02208

Train time table is as below:

Station NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeDistance
Jammu TawiSource09:300 Km.
Kathua10:3510:3776.3 Km.
Chakki Bank11:2011:2599.4 Km.
Jalandhar Cantt. Junction13:0513:10211.8 Km.
Ludhiana Junction14:0514:20263.8 Km.
Dhuri Junction15:4016:00325.9 Km.
Hisar19:0019:30474.2 Km.
Sadulpur Junction20:3520:45544.1 Km.
Churu Junction21:3021:40601.9 Km.
Ratangarh Junction22:3522:40644.7 Km.
Sujangarh23:1323:15690.7 Km.
Didwana23:5423:56731.5 Km.
Degana Junction00:4800:50797.4 Km.
Merta Road Junction02:0102:06841.4 Km.
Gotan02:2102:23861.6 Km.
Jodhpur Junction03:4504:10944.7 Km.
Luni Junction04:3604:39976.5 Km.
Pali Marwar05:3105:331017. Km.
Marwar Junction06:5106:561048. Km.
Falna07:4207:441115. Km.
Abu Road09:0209:151215. Km.
Palanpur Junction10:5110:531266. Km.
Mahesana Junction11:5511:571331. Km.
Sabarmati Junction12:5813:001394. Km.
Ahmedabad Junction13:35Destination1400. Km.

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