Kiul Junction Railway Station (KIUL)

Kiul Junction Railway Station (KIUL)

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If you are visiting the Indian city Kiul Junction, then you must know the trains that pass through, start and terminates at Kiul Junction Railway Station.
You can find the list of all trains connected with the Kiul Junction Railway Station below. The train time table list is duly linked with every express, mail, passenger trains so that by visiting the links it is easy to know the train schedule.
KIUL is the Indian Railway station code for Kiul Junction Railway Station .
The table shows you the arrival and departure time at Kiul Junction Railway Station for all the trains stopping at - KIUL

Complete list of Trains stopping at Kiul Junction Railway Station (KIUL)

Trains starting, ending & passing through Kiul Junction Railway Station (KIUL)
Kiul Junction
Train No.Train NameOriginArr.Dep.Days Of Run
12359Kolkata Chitpur Patna Garib Rath Express Kolkata Chitpur 02:3502:37NYNYNYN
12360Patna-Kolkata Chitpur Garib Rath Patna Junction 22:2822:30NNYNYNY
22405Bhagalpur - Delhi AnandVihar T. Garib Rath Express Bhagalpur Junction 16:1016:20NYNYNYN
22406AnandVihar Terminal-Bhagalpur Garib Rath Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal 08:2008:25YNYNYNN
11105Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express Kolkata Chitpur 15:1815:20NNNNNNY
11106Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express Jhansi Junction 12:3812:40NNNNYNN
13005Howrah-Amritsar Punjab Mail Kolkata Howrah Junction 01:2701:32YYYYYYY
13006Amritsar Howrah Punjab Mail Amritsar Junction 00:1500:17YYYYYYY
13007Udyan Abha Toofan Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 17:4417:48YYYYYYY
13008Udyan Abha Toofan Express Shri Ganganagar 09:5209:56YYYYYYY
13019Bagh Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 05:2005:25YYYYYYY
13020Bagh Express Kathgodam 01:3501:40YYYYYYY
13021Mithila Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 00:0500:10YYYYYYY
13022Mithila Express Raxaul Junction 19:2619:31YYYYYYY
13023Howrah-Gaya Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 07:1507:25YYYYYYY
13024Gaya-Howrah Express Gaya Junction 15:4015:50YYYYYYY
13039Janta Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 03:5603:58YYYYYYY
13040Janta Express Old Delhi Junction 21:1021:12YYYYYYY
13049Howrah-Amritsar Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 23:1323:17YYYYYYY
13050Amritsar Howrah Express Amritsar Junction 04:5505:00YYYYYYY
13105Sealdah-Ballia Express Kolkata Sealdah 21:5922:04YYYYYYY
13106Ballia-Sealdah Express Ballia 16:4916:54YYYYYYY
13111Lal Quila Express Kolkata Chitpur 03:5103:55YYYYYYY
13112Lal Quila Express Old Delhi Junction 22:4922:54YYYYYYY
13133Sealdah Varanasi Upper India Express Kolkata Sealdah 10:2210:30YYYYYYY
13134Varanasi Sealdah Upper India Express Varanasi Junction 20:4520:55YYYYYYY
13135Kolkata Chitpur-Jaynagar Weekly Express Kolkata Chitpur 05:0405:06NNNNNYN
13136Jaynagar-Kolkata Chitpur Weekly Express Jaynagar 18:3018:32NNNNNNY
13235Sahibganj-Danapur InterCity Sahibganj Junction 18:5019:00YYYYYYN
13236Danapur-Sahibganj InterCity Danapur 08:5208:57YYYYYYN
13241Banka-Rajendra Nagar Patna Express Banka 12:3012:40YYYYYYN
13242Rajendra Nagar Patna-Banka Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar 02:1502:20YYYYYNY
13287South Bihar Express Durg Junction 04:0204:07YYYYYYY
13288South Bihar Express Danapur 23:1423:19YYYYYYY
13331Dhanbad-Patna InterCity Express Dhanbad Junction 13:4013:42YYYYYYN
13332Patna-Dhanbad Express Patna Junction 11:2811:30YYYYYYN
13401Bhagalpur Danapur Inter City Express Bhagalpur Junction 08:2308:25YYYYYYN
13402Danapur Bhagalpur Inter City Express Danapur 19:3619:38YYYYYYN
13413Farakka Express Malda Town 02:1502:25YNNYNYN
13414Farakka Express Old Delhi Junction 00:0500:10YNYNNYN
13415Malda Patna Express Malda Town 02:4502:50NNYNYNY
13416Patna-Malda Express Patna Junction 00:5501:00YNNYNYN
13419Jan Sewa Express Bhagalpur Junction 16:3316:35YYYYYYY
13420Jan Sewa Express Muzaffarpur Junction 03:1303:15YYYYYYY
13423Bhagalpur-Ajmer Express Bhagalpur Junction 15:1515:20NNNYNNN
13424Ajmer-Bhagalpur Weekly Express Ajmer Junction 15:0015:05NNNNNYN
13483Farakka Express Malda Town 02:1502:25NYYNYNY
13484Farakka Express Old Delhi Junction 00:0500:10NYNYYNY
13507Asansol-Gorakhpur Express Asansol Junction 19:3919:41NNNNYNN
13508Gorakhpur-Asansol Express Gorakhpur Junction 07:4407:46NNNNNYN
13509Asansol-Gonda Express Asansol Junction 19:3919:41NYNNNNN
13510Gonda-Asansol Express Gonda Junction 07:4407:46NNYNNNN
14003New Farakka-New Delhi Express New Farakka Junction 15:1515:20NYNNNYN
14004New Delhi-New Farakka Express New Delhi 16:3516:45NNNYNNY
14055Brahmaputra Mail Dibrugarh 10:4210:44YYYYYYY
14056Brahmaputra Mail Old Delhi Junction 17:2817:30YYYYYYY
15027Maurya Express Hatia 03:0003:05YYYYYYY
15028Maurya Express Gorakhpur Junction 20:0720:12YYYYYYY
15619Gaya Kamakhya Weekly Express Gaya Junction 16:0716:12NYNNNNN
15620Kamakhya Gaya Weekly Express Kamakhya Junction 02:4502:50YNNNNNN
15647Mumbai LTT-Guwahati Express Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 16:0516:12NNNNYNN
15648Guwahati-Mumbai LTT Express Guwahati 11:0511:10NYNNNNN
16309Ernakulam-Patna Express Ernakulam Junction (South) 17:1017:12YYNNNNN
16310Patna - Ernakulam Express Patna Junction 16:2016:25NNNYYNN
17007Secunderabad-Darbhanga Express Secunderabad Junction 08:5909:01NYNNNYN
17008Darbhanga-Secunderabad Express Darbhanga Junction 11:0111:03NYNNYNN
18181Tatanagar-Chapra Express Tatanagar Junction 06:1706:22YYYYYYY
18182Chhapra-Tata Express Chhapra Junction 21:3021:35YYYYYYY
18183Tatanagar - Danapur Express Tatanagar Junction 16:0416:06YYYYYYY
18184Danapur - Tatanagar Express Danapur 09:0909:11YYYYYYY
18419Puri-Darbhanga Weekly Express Puri 07:3507:37NNNYNNN
18420Darbhanga-Puri Weekly Express Darbhanga Junction 10:4710:52NNNNNYN
18449Baidyanathdham Express Puri 07:3507:37YNNNNNN
18450Baidyanathdham Express Patna Junction 10:4710:52NNYNNNN
18604Bhagalpur-Ranchi Express Bhagalpur Junction 19:3020:00NNYNYNY
18605Ranchi-Jaynagar Express Ranchi Junction 05:3505:37NYNYNYN
18606Jaynagar-Ranchi Express Jaynagar 01:1501:17NNYNYNY
18621Patliputra Express Patna Junction 18:1918:21YYYYYYY
18622Patliputra Express Hatia 09:1209:14YYYYYYY
19047Surat-Bhagalpur Express Surat 16:3516:45NYNNNYN
19048Bhagalpur Surat Express Bhagalpur Junction 11:5012:00YNNYNNN
23111Danapur Express Giridih 03:5103:55YYYYYYY
28182Katihar-Tatanagar Link Express Katihar Junction 21:3021:35YYYYYYY
83112Danapur Giridih Express Danapur 22:4922:54YYYYYYY
12253Anga Express Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 05:4006:05NNNNNYN
12254Anga Express Bhagalpur Junction 16:1016:40NNYNNNN
12303Poorva Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 14:0014:02YYNNYYN
12304Poorva Express New Delhi 10:0610:08NNYYNYY
12317Akal Takht Express Kolkata Sealdah 13:5413:56NNYNNNY
12318Akal Takht Express Amritsar Junction 08:2908:31NYNNYNN
12325Kolkata Nangaldam Gurmukhi Express Kolkata Chitpur 13:5413:56NNNYNNN
12326Nangaldam Kolkata Gurmukhi Express Nangal Dam 08:2908:31NNNNNYN
12327Upasana Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 18:5318:55NYNNYNN
12328Upasana Express Dehradun 20:2220:24NNYNNYN
12331Himgiri SF Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 07:3507:37NYNNYYN
12332Himgiri SF Express Jammu Tawi 03:5003:52YNNYNNY
12333Vibhuti Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 01:5902:01YYYYYYY
12334Vibhuti Express Allahabad City 01:0501:07YYYYYYY
12335Bhagalpur - Mumbai LTT Express Bhagalpur Junction 11:0511:10NYNNYNY
12336Mumbai LTT - Bhagalpur SF Express Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 16:0516:12NYNYNNY
12349Bhagalpur-NewDelhi Weekly SF Express Bhagalpur Junction 20:0520:10YNNNNNN
12350NewDelhi-Bhagalpur Weekly SF Express New Delhi 17:5017:55NYNNNNN
12351Howrah- Danapur Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 03:2503:27YYYYYYY
12352Danapur- Howrah Express Danapur 23:3323:35YYYYYYY
12361Asansol-Mumbai CST SF Express Asansol Junction 22:5722:59NNNNNNY
12362Mumbai CST-Asansol SF Express Mumbai CST 19:1019:12NNYNNNN
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