Ottapalam-otp Railway Train Time Table

The Indian railway Station code for Ottapalam railway station is – OTP
Train time table for Ottapalam all trains stopping at this train station

Station Name


Station Code


Train Time Table for Ottapalam- OTP

train no.train namefromtoarrivesdepartsstop time
12511rapti sagar expgorakhpur jntrivandrum cntl09:3809:402 min
12512raptisagar exptrivandrum cntlgorakhpur jn13:2913:301 min
12521rapti sagar expbarauni jneranakulam jn09:3909:401 min
12522raptisagar experanakulam jnbarauni jn13:2913:301 min
12601mangalore mailchennai centralmangalore cntl05:1405:151 min
12602chennai mailmangalore cntlchennai central19:5419:551 min
12683bangalore sf experanakulam jnbangalore cy jn19:1919:201 min
12684ernakulam sf expbangalore cy jneranakulam jn01:3401:351 min
16041alleppey expchennai centralalleppey05:5906:001 min
16107ms mangalore expchennai egmoremangalore cntl13:2413:251 min
16325ahilyanagari exindore jn bgtrivandrum cntl09:3809:402 min
16327krba tvc expreskorbatrivandrum cntl09:3909:401 min
16328korba expresstrivandrum cntlkorba13:2913:301 min
16331trivandram expmumbai csttrivandrum cntl20:1820:202 min
16332mumbai expresstrivandrum cntlmumbai cst11:4911:501 min
16343amritha expresstrivandrum cntlpalghat town06:0406:051 min
16344amritha expresspalghat towntrivandrum cntl22:3322:352 min
16627west coast expchennai centralmangalore cntl21:4121:421 min
16628west coast expmangalore cntlchennai central04:1404:151 min
16865ernakulam expnagoreeranakulam jn02:5402:551 min
16866ers nagore experanakulam jnnagore01:0401:051 min
17229sabari expresstrivandrum cntlhyderabad decan14:4414:451 min
17230sabari exphyderabad decantrivandrum cntl10:1910:201 min
22607bangalore sf experanakulam jnbangalore cy jn19:1919:201 min
22608ernakulam sf expbangalore cy jneranakulam jn01:3401:351 min
16525bangalore expkanyakumaribangalore cy jn21:0421:051 min
16526kanyakumari expbangalore cy jnkanyakumari07:1407:151 min
16317himsagar expkanyakumarijammu tawi23:0923:101 min
16318himsagar expjammu tawitirunelveli11:4311:452 min
16108maq chennai expmangalore cntlchennai egmore13:5413:551 min
16042chennai expressalleppeychennai central20:1420:151 min
16326ahilyanagari extrivandrum cntlindore jn bg13:2913:301 min
16381kanyakumari expmumbai cstkanyakumari01:5301:552 min
16382cape mumbai expkanyakumarimumbai cst16:0916:101 min

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