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Ariyalur Agriculture Wealth

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Agriculture Objective

To function as an advisory to the farmers in their day to day agricultural activities, supply of quality seeds, monitoring and making available quality chemical fertilizers, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides besides making available the latest technologies from research institutions with a view to increase the food production and raw material production to cater to the growing needs of the food for the population and raw materials for the industries.


With the motto of increasing production and productivity of agricultural crops various schemes like Cereal Development Programme, Integrated Scheme for Pulses, Oil Seeds, Oil Palm and Maize, Cotton Mini Mission were implemented. Certified high yielding seeds, bio fertilizers, micronutrient mixtures, farmers field school, pipe line, plant protection sprayers are provided at subsidized cost.
With the aim of the increasing GDP growth rate of agriculture to 3.5% National Agricultural Development Programme is being implemented.
Under the centrally sponsored National Food Security Mission on Pulses, Rotovators, pumpsets, pipe line, production and distribution subsidy to growers of pulses are given.
To Modernize and Strengthen the effective usage of water bodies, Irrigated Agriculture and Modernization of Water Bodies and Restoration Management (IAMWARM) scheme is being implemented with world bank aid since 2008-09 in Anaivari Odai Sub Basin.
Centrally Sponsored Seed Village Scheme is being implemented with the aim of broad basing usage of certified seeds of paddy, pulses, oil seeds and millets. 50% subsidy is given to farmers to take up production on these crops. The scheme is being implemented since 2008-09.
State Government schemes like seed multiplication on paddy, pulses, oil seeds crops are aimed at increasing seed replacement ratio of paddy, pulses and oil seeds to 33%, 20% and 15% respectively and to improve quality production of seeds.
Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is being implemented since 2007-08. The agriculture extension oriented activities such as Training, Exposure Visit, Demonstrations, Formation of Commodity Interest Groups (CIG), Seed Money for CIG, Farmers Awards, Agricultural Exhibition and Conference, Famers Scientists Interaction and Form Schools are the important components under this scheme.