Bhagalpur Surat Express 19048

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Indian railway Express Train Numbered 19048 starts from Bhagalpur Junction railway station and runs upto Surat.
The ExpressTrain Bhagalpur Surat Express 19048 Runs on: Mon, Thu from Bhagalpur Junction

Train Name

Bhagalpur Surat Express

Train Number


Train Type

Bhagalpur Junction Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (25.241600, 86.972600)
Surat Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (21.205000, 72.840600)
Bhagalpur JunctionSource09:150 Km.
SultanGanj09:3509:3625 Km.
Bariarpur09:5709:5842.9 Km.
Jamalpur Junction10:2110:3154 Km.
Abhaipur10:5010:5171.8 Km.
Kajra11:0111:0283.1 Km.
Kiul Junction11:5012:0099 Km.
Mokama Junction12:3112:33133.2 Km.
Bakhtiyarpur Junction13:0313:05177.3 Km.
Patna Junction14:0514:20222.4 Km.
Danapur14:3514:37231.8 Km.
Ara15:1015:12271.4 Km.
Buxar16:1016:12339.9 Km.
Dildarnagar Junction16:4016:42376.1 Km.
Mughal Sarai Junction17:5218:07433.8 Km.
Chunar Junction18:4918:50466 Km.
Mirzapur19:2419:25497 Km.
Vindhyachal19:3519:36504.3 Km.
Chheoki20:4920:50577.4 Km.
Manikpur Junction22:1022:15669.8 Km.
Satna Junction23:2523:35747.4 Km.
Katni Junction00:5501:00845.8 Km.
Jabalpur Junction02:2502:35936.4 Km.
Pipariya04:4804:501114. Km.
Itarsi Junction06:3506:501181. Km.
Harda07:3907:401257. Km.
Khandwa Junction09:4009:451365 Km.
Burhanpur10:3910:401433. Km.
Bhusaval Junction11:4011:551488. Km.
Jalgaon Junction12:3412:351512. Km.
Amalner13:2613:281567. Km.
Dondaicha14:5414:551628. Km.
Nandurbar15:4015:451662. Km.
Navapur16:4216:431720. Km.
Udhna Junction18:2918:301821 Km.
Surat18:50Destination1825 Km.

Lattitude and Longitude From Station:- (25.241600, 86.972600) to Station (21.205000, 72.840600)

Road/Route Map For Bhagalpur Junction To Surat

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