Farakka Express 13483

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Indian railway Express Train Numbered 13483 starts from Malda Town railway station and runs upto Old Delhi Junction.
The ExpressTrain Farakka Express 13483 Runs on: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun from Malda Town

Train Name

Farakka Express

Train Number


Train Type

Malda Town Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (25.015900, 88.130600)
Old Delhi Junction Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (28.661000, 77.226000)
Malda TownSource19:100 Km.
New Farakka Junction19:4319:5335.1 Km.
Barharwa Junction20:2520:2953.1 Km.
Tinpahar Junction20:4720:4869.6 Km.
Sahibganj Junction21:4021:50107.5 Km.
Pirpainti22:2322:24131 Km.
Kahalgaon22:4622:47151.4 Km.
Sabaur23:1023:11173.9 Km.
Bhagalpur Junction23:3023:40181.4 Km.
Bariarpur00:2500:26224.3 Km.
Jamalpur Junction00:4500:55235.5 Km.
Abhaipur01:1401:15253.3 Km.
Kiul Junction02:1502:25280.4 Km.
Barhiya02:4202:43296.8 Km.
Mokama Junction03:0203:04314.6 Km.
Barh03:3803:39340.5 Km.
Bakhtiyarpur Junction03:5503:59358.7 Km.
Fatwa04:1504:16381.8 Km.
Patna Saheb04:5504:56394 Km.
Rajendra Nagar Bihar05:1105:13401.2 Km.
Patna Junction05:2005:30403.9 Km.
Danapur05:4505:55413.2 Km.
Bihta06:0706:08430.6 Km.
Ara06:3106:33452.8 Km.
Bihiya06:4706:48474.2 Km.
Raghunathpur07:0007:01489 Km.
Dumraon07:1407:15505 Km.
Buxar07:3507:40521.3 Km.
Chausa07:4907:50532.2 Km.
Gahmar08:0308:04541.5 Km.
Dildarnagar Junction08:1808:20557.5 Km.
Zamania08:3008:31571 Km.
Mughal Sarai Junction10:0510:20615.2 Km.
Varanasi Junction11:0011:20631.9 Km.
JalalGanj11:5211:53671.1 Km.
Zafarabad Junction12:1612:17683.1 Km.
Jaunpur Junction12:3912:40689.6 Km.
Shahganj Junction13:5213:56722.9 Km.
Malipur14:1714:18747.9 Km.
Akbarpur14:3614:40767 Km.
Goshain Ganj14:5814:59789.2 Km.
Ayodhya Junction15:2715:28820.9 Km.
Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar15:3915:40825.4 Km.
Faizabad Junction16:0016:05827.6 Km.
Sohwal16:2116:22842.9 Km.
Rudauli16:4116:42865.7 Km.
Daryabad17:0317:04888.8 Km.
Barabanki Junction17:4917:50926.9 Km.
Lucknow Charbagh19:0019:25955.4 Km.
Unnao Junction20:1820:191010 Km.
Kanpur Central21:0521:151027. Km.
Etawah22:5422:551166. Km.
Shikohabad Junction23:3923:401222. Km.
Firozabad00:0400:051242. Km.
Tundla Junction00:3000:381258. Km.
Hathras Junction01:1901:201306. Km.
Aligarh Junction01:4501:501336. Km.
Khurja Junction02:2502:301380. Km.
Ghaziabad Junction03:4003:421442. Km.
Sahibabad Junction03:5103:521449. Km.
Shahdara Junction04:0304:041456. Km.
Old Delhi Junction04:30Destination1462. Km.

Lattitude and Longitude From Station:- (25.015900, 88.130600) to Station (28.661000, 77.226000)

Other Trains from Malda Town To Old Delhi Junction

Train No.Train NameDep.Arr.Days Of Run
13413Farakka Express 19:1004:30YNNYNYN
14055Brahmaputra Mail 03:5006:05YYYYYYY

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