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H.NizamuddinVisakhapatnam Swarna Jayanti Express 12804

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Indain railway train time table and schedule of departure and arrival of Superfast Express 12804.
Detailed train stoppings and time for H.Nizamuddin Visakhapatnam Swarna Jayanti Express (12804)
Runs on: Wed, Sun
Travel time: 35 hours 3 minutes .

Train Time Table of H.Nizamuddin Visakhapatnam Swarna Jayanti Express 12804

Train time table is as below:
Station NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeDistance
Delhi Hazrat NizamuddinSource05:550 Km.
Mathura Junction08:1008:15133.9 Km.
Raja Ki Mandi08:5308:55183.6 Km.
Agra Cantt.09:1009:15187.6 Km.
Gwalior Junction11:0511:10305.6 Km.
Jhansi Junction12:3512:45403.4 Km.
Bina Junction15:1015:15556.6 Km.
Bhopal Junction17:0517:10695.2 Km.
Hoshangabad18:2218:24768.8 Km.
Itarsi Junction19:0019:10786.9 Km.
Betul20:2920:31892.9 Km.
Nagpur Junction23:1523:251083. Km.
Balharshah Junction02:5503:051292. Km.
Warangal Junction06:2706:321535. Km.
Vijayawada Junction11:0511:251743. Km.
Eluru12:1012:121802. Km.
Rajahmundry13:3613:381892. Km.
Samalkot Junction14:1514:171942. Km.
Visakhapatnam Junction17:25Destination2092. Km.