Lashkar Express 12162

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Indian railway Express Train Numbered 12162 starts from Agra Cantt. railway station and runs upto Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus.
The Superfast ExpressTrain Lashkar Express 12162 Runs on: Sat from Agra Cantt.

Train Name

Lashkar Express

Train Number


Train Type

Superfast Express
Agra Cantt. Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (27.158900, 77.990900)
Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (19.071900, 72.887500)
Agra Cantt.Source23:500 Km.
Morena00:4500:4779.4 Km.
Gwalior Junction01:5001:55118 Km.
Dabra02:2802:30160.3 Km.
Jhansi Junction03:2503:35215.7 Km.
Bina Junction06:2006:25368.9 Km.
Bhopal Junction08:1008:15507.5 Km.
Bhopal HabibGanj08:2508:27513.8 Km.
Itarsi Junction10:0510:15599.2 Km.
Timarni10:4810:50660.9 Km.
Harda11:0811:10675 Km.
Khandwa Junction13:0013:05782.7 Km.
Burhanpur13:5814:00851.5 Km.
Bhusaval Junction14:5015:00906 Km.
Jalgaon Junction15:3815:40930.2 Km.
Manmad Junction17:2317:251090. Km.
Nasik Road18:3318:351163 Km.
Igatpuri19:5319:551213. Km.
Kalyan Junction21:3521:401295. Km.
Thane21:5822:001315. Km.
Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus22:45Destination1332. Km.

Lattitude and Longitude From Station:- (27.158900, 77.990900) to Station (19.071900, 72.887500)

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