Mumbai Dadar Central Railway Station (DR)

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If you are visiting the Indian city Mumbai Dadar Central, then you must know the trains that pass through, start and terminates at Mumbai Dadar Central Railway Station.
You can find the list of all trains connected with the Mumbai Dadar Central Railway Station below. The train time table list is duly linked with every express, mail, passenger trains so that by visiting the links it is easy to know the train schedule.
DR is the Indian Railway station code for Mumbai Dadar Central Railway Station .
The table shows you the arrival and departure time at Mumbai Dadar Central Railway Station for all the trains stopping at - DR

Complete list of Trains stopping at Mumbai Dadar Central Railway Station (DR)

Trains starting, ending & passing through Mumbai Dadar Central Railway Station (DR)
Mumbai Dadar Central
Train No.Train NameOriginArr.Dep.Days Of Run
11017Chalukya Express Mumbai Dadar Central Source21:30YNYYYYY
11018Chalukya Express Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 05:50DestinationYYYNYYY
95723Mumbai CST - Kalyan Ladies Special Fast Local Mumbai CST 17:3417:35YYYYYYN
12187Jabalpur - Mumbai CST Garib Rath Express Jabalpur Junction 11:5311:55YNYNYNN
12188Mumbai CST - Jabalpur Garib Rath Express Mumbai CST 13:4313:45NYNYNYN
12051Mumbai CST - Madgaon Jan Shatabdi Express Mumbai CST 05:2205:25YYYYYYY
12052Madgaon-Mumbai CST Jan Shatabdi Express Madgaon Junction 22:5823:00YYYYYYY
12071Mumbai Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi Mumbai CST 13:5814:00YYYYYYY
12072Aurangabad Mumbai Jan Shatabdi Aurangabad 12:1912:20YYYYYYY
10103Mandovi Express Mumbai CST 07:0707:10YYYYYYY
10104Mandovi Express Madgaon Junction 21:0221:05YYYYYYY
10111Konkan Kanya Express Mumbai CST 23:1823:20YYYYYYY
10112Konkan Kanya Express Madgaon Junction 05:1705:20YYYYYYY
11003Dadar - Sawantwadi Road Rajya Rani Express Mumbai Dadar Central Source23:55YYYYYYY
11004Sawantwadi Rd-Dadar Rajya Rani Express Sawantwadi Road 06:30DestinationYYYYYYY
11005Dadar-Puducherry Express Mumbai Dadar Central Source21:30YNNNNYY
11006Puducherry-Dadar Express Puducherry 05:50DestinationYYYNNNN
11007Deccan Express Mumbai CST 07:2307:25YYYYYYY
11008Deccan Express Pune Junction 19:1319:15YYYYYYY
11009Sinhagad Express Mumbai CST 14:4314:45YYYYYYY
11010Sinhagad Express Pune Junction 09:3309:35YYYYYYY
11011Mahalaxmi Express Mumbai CST 20:3320:35YYYYYYY
11012Mahalaxmi Express Shahu Maharaj Terminus 07:0407:06YYYYYYY
11019Konark Express Mumbai CST 15:2315:25YYYYYYY
11020Konark Express Bhubaneswar 03:2403:25YYYYYYY
11021Dadar-Tirunelveli Express Mumbai Dadar Central Source21:30NYYNYNN
11022Tirunelveli-Dadar Express Tirunelveli Junction 05:50DestinationNNNYYNY
11023Sahyadri Express Mumbai CST 18:0218:04YYYYYYY
11024Sahyadri Express Shahu Maharaj Terminus 11:2811:30YYYYYYY
11027Mumbai CST-Chennai Mail Mumbai CST 23:5323:55YYYYYYY
11028Chennai-Mumbai CST Mail Chennai Central 03:1403:15YYYYYYY
11029Koyna Express Mumbai CST 08:5308:55YYYYYYY
11030Koyna Express Shahu Maharaj Terminus 19:5319:55YYYYYYY
11035Dadar-Mysore Sharavati Express Mumbai Dadar Central Source21:30NYNNNNN
11036Mysore-Dadar Sharavati Express Mysore Junction 05:50DestinationNNNYNNN
11041Mumbai CST- Chennai Express Mumbai CST 14:1214:15YYYYYYY
11042Chennai Central-Mumbai CST Express Chennai Central 13:1413:15YYYYYYY
11093Mahanagari Express Mumbai CST 00:2300:25YYYYYYY
11094Mahanagari Express Varanasi Junction 13:4813:50YYYYYYY
11401Nandigram Express Mumbai CST 16:4816:50YYYYYYY
11402Nandigram Express Nagpur Junction 05:1305:15YYYYYYY
16331Mumbai CST-Trivandrum Weekly Express Mumbai CST 12:1812:20YNNNNNN
16332Trivandrum-Mumbai CST Weekly Express Trivandrum Central 20:2920:30NNNNNYN
16339Mumbai CST-Nagercoil Express Mumbai CST 12:1812:20NNYYYNY
16340Nagercoil-Mumbai CST Express Nagercoil Junction 20:2820:30YYYNYNN
16351Mumbai CST Nagercoil Balaji Express Mumbai CST 12:1812:20NYNNNYN
16352Nagercoil Mumbai CST Balaji Express Nagercoil Junction 20:2920:30NNNYNNY
16381Mumbai CST - Kanniyakumari(Jayanti Janata) Express Mumbai CST 15:5816:00YYYYYYY
16382Kanyakumari-Mumbai CST(Jayanti Janata) Express Kanniyakumari 04:2904:30YYYYYYY
16529Udyan Express Mumbai CST 08:1808:20YYYYYYY
16530Udyan Express Bangalore City Junction 19:2419:25YYYYYYY
17031Mumbai CST-Hyderabad Express Mumbai CST 12:5813:00YYYYYYY
17032Hyderabad-Mumbai Express Hyderabad Deccan Nampally 12:3812:40YYYYYYY
17057Mumbai-Secunderabad Devagiri Express Mumbai CST 21:1821:20YYYYYYY
17058Devagiri Express Secunderabad Junction 06:4406:45YYYYYYY
17617Tapovan Express Mumbai CST 06:2306:25YYYYYYY
17618Tapovan Express Hazur Sahib Nanded 21:4021:42YYYYYYY
12105Vidarbha Express Mumbai CST 19:2319:25YYYYYYY
12106Vidarbha Express Gondia Junction 06:1906:20YYYYYYY
12109Panchavati Express Mumbai CST 18:2718:29YYYYYYY
12110Panchavati Express Manmad Junction 10:2310:25YYYYYYY
12111Mumbai CST-Amaravati SF Express Mumbai CST 20:1320:15YYYYYYY
12112Amaravati-Mumbai CST Express Amravati 05:5806:00YYYYYYY
12115Siddheshwar Express Mumbai CST 22:5322:55YYYYYYY
12116Siddheshwar Express Solapur 06:2806:30YYYYYYY
12124Deccan Queen Pune Junction 10:0310:05YYYYYYY
12125Pragati Super Fast Express Mumbai CST 16:3816:39YYYYYYY
12126Pragati Super Fast Express Pune Junction 11:0011:01YYYYYYY
12127MumbaiCST-Pune SF InterCity Express Mumbai CST 06:5606:58YYYYYYY
12128Pune-Mumbai CST Intercity Express Pune Junction 20:3720:39YYYYYYY
12131Mumbai Dadar-Sainagar Shirdi Express Mumbai Dadar Central Source21:45YNYNNYN
12132Sainagar Shirdi-Mumbai Dadar Express Sainagar Shirdi 04:30DestinationNYNYNNY
12137Punjab Mail Mumbai CST 19:5319:55YYYYYYY
12138Punjab Mail Firozpur Cantt. 07:1307:15YYYYYYY
12139Sevagram Express Mumbai CST 15:0815:10YYYYYYY
12140Sevagram Express Nagpur Junction 11:3811:40YYYYYYY
12141Mumbai CST RajendraNagar SF Express Mumbai CST 23:3823:40YYYYYYY
12142Rajendra Nagar Patna-Mumbai CST Superfast Exp Rajendra Nagar Bihar 15:0915:10YYYYYYY
12163Dadar Chennai Egmore SF Express Mumbai Dadar Central Source20:30YYYYYYY
12164Chennai Egmore Dadar SF Express Chennai Egmore 06:00DestinationYYYYYYY
12168Varanasi - Dadar SF Express Varanasi Junction 12:30DestinationYYYYYYY
12321Howrah-Mumbai Mail (Via Allahabad) Kolkata Howrah Junction 10:5911:00YYYYYYY
12322Mumbai-Howrah SF Mail (Via Allahabad) Mumbai CST 21:4321:45YYYYYYY
12361Asansol-Mumbai CST SF Express Asansol Junction 05:4405:45NNNNNNY
12362Mumbai CST-Asansol SF Express Mumbai CST 11:1811:20NNYNNNN
12533Pushpak Express Lucknow Junction 19:3819:40YYYYYYY
12702Hussain Sagar Express Hyderabad Deccan Nampally 04:3304:35YYYYYYY
12809Mumbai CST - Howrah Mail Mumbai CST 20:4820:50YYYYYYY
12810Howrah-Mumbai CST SF Mail Kolkata Howrah Junction 04:5905:00YYYYYYY
12859Gitanjali Express Mumbai CST 06:1306:15YYYYYYY
12860Gitanjali Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 20:5420:55YYYYYYY
12869Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus-Howrah Express Mumbai CST 11:1811:20NNNNNNY
12870Howrah-Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 22:5923:00NNNNYNN
22105Indrayani SF Express Mumbai CST 05:5105:53YYYYYYY
22106Indrayani SF Express Pune Junction 21:3321:35YYYYYYY
22107Mumbai CST-Latur SuperFast Exp Mumbai CST 21:1321:15YYYYYYY
22108Latur-Mumbai CST SuperFast Exp Latur 07:3307:35YYYYYYY
50103Dadar Ratnagiri Passenger Mumbai Dadar Central Source15:35YYYYYYY
50104Ratnagiri Dadar Passenger Ratnagiri 14:20DestinationYYYYYYY
51027MumbaiCST-Pandharpur Fast Passenger Mumbai CST 23:0823:10NNNYYYN
51028Pandharpur-Mumbai Fast Passenger Pandharpur 03:4803:50NNNNYYY
51029Mumbai CST-Bijapur Fast Passenger Mumbai CST 23:0823:10YYYNNNY
51030Bijapur Mumbai Fast Passenger Bijapur 03:4903:50YYYY

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