Rauzagaon Railway Station (RZN)

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If you are visiting the Indian city Rauzagaon, then you must know the trains that pass through, start and terminates at Rauzagaon Railway Station.
You can find the list of all trains connected with the Rauzagaon Railway Station below. The train time table list is duly linked with every express, mail, passenger trains so that by visiting the links it is easy to know the train schedule.
RZN is the Indian Railway station code for Rauzagaon Railway Station .
The table shows you the arrival and departure time at Rauzagaon Railway Station for all the trains stopping at - RZN

Complete list of Trains stopping at Rauzagaon Railway Station (RZN)

Trains starting, ending & passing through Rauzagaon Railway Station (RZN)
Train No.Train NameOriginArr.Dep.Days Of Run
54231Faizabad Lucknow Passenger Faizabad Junction 06:4906:50YYYYYYY
54232Lucknow-Faizabad Passenger Lucknow Charbagh 06:3606:37YYYYYYY
54233Faizabad Lucknow Passenger Faizabad Junction 18:3118:32YYYYYYY
54234Lucknow Faizabad Passenger Lucknow Charbagh 18:5818:59YYYYYYY
54333Varanasi Lucknow Passenger Varanasi Junction 11:2311:24YYYYYYY
54334Lucknow Varanasi Passenger Lucknow Charbagh 14:4614:47YYYYYYY

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