Sachkhand SF Express 12716

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Indian railway Express Train Numbered 12716 starts from Amritsar Junction railway station and runs upto Hazur Sahib Nanded.
The Superfast ExpressTrain Sachkhand SF Express 12716 Runs on: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun from Amritsar Junction

Train Name

Sachkhand SF Express

Train Number


Train Type

Superfast Express
Amritsar Junction Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (31.632100, 74.863200)
Hazur Sahib Nanded Railway Station location: (lattidue, longitude):- (19.160500, 77.310400)
Amritsar JunctionSource05:400 Km.
Beas06:0806:1043 Km.
Jalandhar City Junction06:4506:5079.1 Km.
Phagwara Junction07:0607:08100.3 Km.
Ludhiana Junction07:4807:58135.9 Km.
Khanna08:3508:37178.6 Km.
Sirhind Junction08:5308:55196.7 Km.
Rajpura Junction09:1209:14221.5 Km.
Ambala Cantt. Junction09:5710:02249.6 Km.
Kurukshetra Junction10:3410:36291.6 Km.
Karnal11:0211:04324.7 Km.
Panipat Junction11:3511:37359.1 Km.
New Delhi13:1013:25448.8 Km.
Faridabad13:5413:56476.9 Km.
Mathura Junction15:3515:38590.1 Km.
Agra Cantt.16:3016:35643.8 Km.
Dholpur Junction17:1017:12696.4 Km.
Morena17:3517:37723.2 Km.
Gwalior Junction18:1518:20761.8 Km.
Dabra18:5318:55804.1 Km.
Jhansi Junction19:4819:58859.5 Km.
Lalitpur21:0021:02949.8 Km.
Bina Junction22:3022:321012. Km.
Bhopal Junction00:1500:201151. Km.
Itarsi Junction01:5002:001243 Km.
Khandwa Junction04:3004:351426. Km.
Burhanpur05:2805:301495. Km.
Bhusaval Junction06:1506:301549. Km.
Jalgaon Junction06:5306:551573. Km.
Manmad Junction09:1009:301734 Km.
Aurangabad11:3011:351847. Km.
Jalna12:2312:251910. Km.
Parbhani Junction14:0814:102024. Km.
Purna Junction14:4314:452053 Km.
Hazur Sahib Nanded16:00Destination2083. Km.

Lattitude and Longitude From Station:- (31.632100, 74.863200) to Station (19.160500, 77.310400)

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