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Saharanpur Junction Railway Station (SRE)

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If you are visiting the Indian city Saharanpur Junction, then you must know the trains that pass through, start and terminates at Saharanpur Junction Railway Station.
You can find the list of all trains connected with the Saharanpur Junction Railway Station below. The train time table list is duly linked with every express, mail, passenger trains so that by visiting the links it is easy to know the train schedule.
SRE is the Indian Railway station code for Saharanpur Junction Railway Station .
The table shows you the arrival and departure time at Saharanpur Junction Railway Station for all the trains stopping at - SRE

Complete list of Trains stopping at Saharanpur Junction Railway Station (SRE)

Trains starting, ending & passing through Saharanpur Junction Railway Station (SRE)
Saharanpur Junction
Train No.Train NameOriginArr.Dep.Days Of Run
12017New Delhi - Dehradun Shatabdi Express New Delhi 09:5010:10YYYYYYY
12018Dehradun - New Delhi Shatabdi Express Dehradun 19:3019:50YYYYYYY
12207Kathgodam-Jammu Garib Rath Express Kathgodam 00:5501:05NYNNNNN
12208Jammu-Kathgodam Garib Rath Express Jammu Tawi 08:2008:30NNNNNNY
12053Haridwar Amritsar Jan Shatabdi Express Haridwar Junction 16:1016:15YYYNYYY
12054Amritsar - Haridwar Jan Shatabdi Express Amritsar Junction 12:2312:28YYYNYYY
12063Haridwar Chandigarh Una Link Jan Shatabdi Express Haridwar Junction 16:1016:15NYNNYNY
12064Una Chandigarh Haridwar Link Jan Shatabdi Una Himachal 12:2312:28YNYNNYN
13005Howrah-Amritsar Punjab Mail Kolkata Howrah Junction 01:1501:25YYYYYYY
13006Amritsar Howrah Punjab Mail Amritsar Junction 01:0501:15YYYYYYY
13049Howrah-Amritsar Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 02:3503:00YYYYYYY
13050Amritsar Howrah Express Amritsar Junction 00:3500:55YYYYYYY
13151Kolkata Chitpur-JammuTawi Express Kolkata Chitpur 21:2021:30YYYYYYY
13152JammuTawi-Kolkata Chitpur Express Jammu Tawi 06:1006:20YYYYYYY
13307Ganga Sutlej Express Dhanbad Junction 01:5502:15YYYYYYY
13308Ganga Sutlej Express Firozpur Cantt. 02:1502:25YYYYYYY
14309Ujjaini Express Ujjain Junction 15:0015:35NNYYNNN
14310Ujjaiyani Express Dehradun 09:3009:55NYYNNNN
14317Indore-Dehradun Express Indore Junction BG 15:0015:35NNNNNYY
14318Dehradun-Indore Express Dehradun 09:3009:55NNNNYYN
14511Nauchandi Express Allahabad Junction 11:45DestinationYYYYYYY
14512Nauchandi Express Saharanpur Junction Source16:45YYYYYYY
14523Harihar Nath Express Muzaffarpur Junction 06:1506:20YNNYNNN
14524Harihar Nath Express Ambala Cantt. Junction 00:2000:30NYNNNYN
14545Farukhnagar Saharanpur Express Farukhnagar 21:20DestinationYYYYYYY
14546Saharanpur Farukhnagar Express Saharanpur Junction Source06:05YYYYYYY
14603Saharsa-Amritsar Jan Sadharan Express Saharsa Junction 20:2020:30NNNNYNN
14604Amritsar-Saharsa Weekly Jansadharan Express Amritsar Junction 18:4518:50NNYNNNN
14609Hemkunt Express Rishikesh 19:4519:50YYYYYYY
14610Hemkunt Express Jammu Tawi 04:1504:35YYYYYYY
14632Amritsar Dehradun Express Amritsar Junction 05:0305:13YYYYYYY
14645Delhi-Jammu Tawi Shalimar Express Old Delhi Junction 20:0020:10YYYYYYY
14646Jammu Tawi-Delhi Shalimar Express Jammu Tawi 06:3006:40YYYYYYY
14681New Delhi-Jalandhar InterCity Express New Delhi 18:2018:25YYYYYYY
14682Jalandhar-New Delhi InterCity Express Jalandhar City Junction 09:1509:20YYYYYYY
14711Haridwar Shri Ganganagar InterCity Express Haridwar Junction 15:3515:40YYYYYYY
14712Shri Ganganagar - Haridwar InterCity Express Shri Ganganagar 12:0512:10YYYYYYY
15011Lucknow Chandigarh Express Lucknow Junction 12:1512:25YYYYYYY
15012Chandigarh-Lucknow Express Chandigarh Junction 19:3520:00YYYYYYY
15097Amarnath Express Barauni Junction 04:0504:15NNNNYNN
15098Amarnath Express Jammu Tawi 06:5007:00NYNNNNN
15209Jan Seva Express Saharsa Junction 11:0511:10YYYYYYY
15210Amritsar Saharsa Jan Seva Express Amritsar Junction 13:0013:10YYYYYYY
15211Jan Nayak Express Darbhanga Junction 19:0019:10YYYYYYY
15212Jan Nayak Express Amritsar Junction 01:2501:35YYYYYYY
15651Lohit Express Guwahati 04:0504:15YNNNNNN
15652Lohit Express Jammu Tawi 06:5007:00NNYNNNN
15653Amarnath Express Guwahati 04:0504:15NNYNNNN
15654Jammu Guwahati Express Jammu Tawi 06:5007:00NNNNYNN
15903Dibrugarh-Chandigarh Weekly Express Dibrugarh 11:2011:30YNNNNNN
15904Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Weekly Express Chandigarh Junction 01:4501:55NNYNNNN
15933Dibrugarh-Amritsar Weekly Express Dibrugarh 14:2514:50NYNNNNN
15934Amritsar-Dibrugarh Weekly Express Amritsar Junction 21:5022:05NNNNYNN
18103Jallianwalabagh Express Tatanagar Junction 23:3523:45YNYNNNN
18104Jallianwalabagh Express Amritsar Junction 18:1818:30NNYNYNN
18237Chhattisgarh Express Bilaspur Junction 00:2000:30YYYYYYY
18238Chhattisgarh Express Amritsar Junction 00:0500:15YYYYYYY
19019Mumbai Bandra Terminus- Dehradun Express Mumbai Bandra Terminus 12:1012:45YYYYYYY
19020Dehradun - Mumbai Express Dehradun 15:5016:20YYYYYYY
19325Indore Amritsar (Weekly) Express Indore Junction BG 15:0015:35NYNNNNN
19326Amritsar Indore Express Amritsar Junction 09:3009:55NNNYNNN
24887Haridwar-Barmer Link Express Haridwar Junction 20:5521:05YYYYYYY
24888Barmer-Haridwar Link Express Barmer 07:0507:15YYYYYYY
12231Lucknow-Chandigarh Sadhbhavna SF Express Lucknow Charbagh 07:3007:40YYYYYYY
12232Chandigarh - Lucknow Sadhbhavna SF Express Chandigarh Junction 23:1023:20YYYYYYY
12237Varanasi-Jammu Tawi Begampura SF Express Varanasi Junction 02:1002:30YYYYYYY
12238Jammu Tawi-Varanasi Begampura SF Express Jammu Tawi 22:1522:25YYYYYYY
12317Akal Takht Express Kolkata Sealdah 10:3510:55NNYNNNY
12318Akal Takht Express Amritsar Junction 11:3511:55NYNNYNN
12325Kolkata Nangaldam Gurmukhi Express Kolkata Chitpur 10:3510:55NNNYNNN
12326Nangaldam Kolkata Gurmukhi Express Nangal Dam 11:3511:55NNNNNYN
12331Himgiri SF Express Kolkata Howrah Junction 04:0504:15NYNNYYN
12332Himgiri SF Express Jammu Tawi 06:5007:00YNNYNNY
12355Archana Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar 01:3501:45NYNNNYN
12356Archana Express Jammu Tawi 03:5504:05NNYNNNY
12357Kolkata- Amritsar Superfast Express Kolkata Chitpur 10:3510:55NYNNNYN
12358Amritsar- Kolkata Superfast Express Amritsar Junction 11:3511:55YNNYNNN
12407New Jalpaiguri Amritsar Karmabhoomi Express New Jalpaiguri 11:5512:05NNYNNNN
12408Amritsar New Jalpaiguri Karmabhoomi Express Amritsar Junction 15:0515:15NNNNYNN
12469Kanpur - Jammu Tawi (Barfaani) Express Kanpur Central 03:4503:50NNYNNNN
12470Jammu Tawi - Kanpur (Barfaani) Express Jammu Tawi 03:5504:05NYNNNNN
12491Maurdhwaj Express Muzaffarpur Junction 03:4503:50NNNNNNY
12492Maur Dhwaj Express Jammu Tawi 03:5504:05NNNNYNN
12587Amarnath Express Gorakhpur Junction 04:0504:15YNNNNNN
12588Amarnath Express Jammu Tawi 06:5007:00NNNNNYN
12687Chennai Dehradun Express Chennai Central 01:1002:05NNNYNNN
12688Dehradun Chennai Express Dehradun 10:2010:50YNNNNNN
12903Golden Temple Mail Mumbai Central 23:1523:25YYYYYYY
12904Golden Temple Mail Amritsar Junction 03:3003:40YYYYYYY
22688Chandigarh-Chennai LINK Express Chandigarh Junction 10:0510:50YNNNNNN
51907Shamli Saharanpur Passenger Shamli 20:45DestinationYYYYYYY
51908Saharanpur Shamli Passenger Saharanpur Junction Source16:05YYYYYYY
51909Delhi Shamli Saharanpur Passenger Old Delhi Junction 11:00DestinationYYYYYYY
51910Saharanpur Delhi Passenger Saharanpur Junction Source06:55YYYYYYY
51911Delhi Shamli Saharanpur Passenger Old Delhi Junction 17:45DestinationYYYYYYY
51912Saharanpur Delhi Passenger Saharanpur Junction Source18:05YYYYYYY
51913Delhi Shamli Saharanpur Passenger Old Delhi Junction 23:00DestinationYYYYYYY
51914Saharanpur Delhi Passenger Saharanpur Junction Source03:15YYYYYYY
54251Lucknow Saharanpur Passenger Lucknow Charbagh 18:30DestinationYYYYYYY
54252Saharanpur-Lucknow Passenger Saharanpur Junction Source08:20YYYYYYY
54304Kalka Delhi Passenger Kalka 12:4013:55YYYYYYY
54315Moradabad Sahranpur Passenger Moradabad Junction 23:25Destinati

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