Erode Junction Railway Station (ED)

Erode Junction Railway Station (ED)

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If you are visiting the Indian city Erode Junction, then you must know the trains that pass through, start and terminates at Erode Junction Railway Station.
You can find the list of all trains connected with the Erode Junction Railway Station below. The train time table list is duly linked with every express, mail, passenger trains so that by visiting the links it is easy to know the train schedule.
ED is the Indian Railway station code for Erode Junction Railway Station .
The table shows you the arrival and departure time at Erode Junction Railway Station for all the trains stopping at - ED

Complete list of Trains stopping at Erode Junction Railway Station (ED)

Trains starting, ending & passing through Erode Junction Railway Station (ED)
Erode Junction
Train No.Train NameOriginArr.Dep.Days Of Run
12243Chennai Central-Coimbatore AC Duronto Express Chennai Central 11:5012:00YNYYYYY
12244Coimbatore-Chennai Central AC Duronto Express Coimbatore Main Junction 16:3016:40YNYYYYY
12257Yesvantapur Kochuveli Garib Rath Express Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 02:2502:30NYNYNNY
12258Kochuveli-Yesvantpur Garib Rath Trivandrum Kochuveli 03:1503:20YNYNYNN
12083Mayiladuturai-Coimbatore Jan Shatabdi Mayiladuturai Junction 19:1719:20YNYYYYY
12084Coimbatore-Mayiladuturai Jan Shatabdi Coimbatore Main Junction 08:2508:30YNYYYYY
11013Mumbai LTT - Coimbatore (Kurla) Express Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 04:4004:45YYYYYYY
11014Coimbatore-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus(Kurla) Express Coimbatore Main Junction 10:2010:25YYYYYYY
11021Dadar-Tirunelveli Express Mumbai Dadar Central 04:1504:25NYYNYNN
11022Tirunelveli-Dadar Express Tirunelveli Junction 21:2521:35NNNYYNY
13351Dhanbad-Alappuzha(Alleppey) Express Dhanbad Junction 10:1510:25YYYYYYY
13352Alappuzha-Dhanbad Express Alappuzha 13:5014:00YYYYYYY
15905Kanyakumari Dibrugarh Vivek Express Kanniyakumari 03:1503:20NNNNNYN
15906Dibrugarh - Kanyakumari Vivek Express Dibrugarh 20:3520:40NNNNNYN
16041Chennai Alappuzha (Alleppey) Express Chennai Central 02:1502:20YYYYYYY
16042Alappuzha Chennai (Alleppey) Express Alappuzha 00:1500:20YYYYYYY
16107Chennai Egmore-Mangalore Express Chennai Egmore 08:2508:35YYYYYYY
16108Mangalore Chennai Egmore Express Mangalore Central 17:5518:05YYYYYYY
16231Mayiladuturai Mysore Express Mayiladuturai Junction 23:3523:45YYYYYYY
16232Mysore Mayiladuturai Express Mysore Junction 00:5001:00YYYYYYY
16309Ernakulam-Patna Express Ernakulam Junction (South) 23:2023:25YYNNNNN
16310Patna - Ernakulam Express Patna Junction 10:3510:45NNNYYNN
16315Bangalore-Kochuveli Tri-Weekly Express Bangalore City Junction 22:2022:25NNYNYNY
16316Kochuveli-Bangalore Tri Weekly Express Trivandrum Kochuveli 02:3502:40NYNYNYN
16317Himsagar Express Kanniyakumari 02:5003:10NNNNYNN
16318Himsagar Express Jammu Tawi 07:5008:15YNNNNNN
16321Bangalore Tiruvananthapuram Weekly Express Bangalore City Junction 22:2022:25NNNYNNN
16322Tiruvananthapuram Bangalore Weekly Express Trivandrum Central 02:3502:40NNYNNNN
16323Trivandrum Shalimar Biweekly Express Trivandrum Central 03:0503:10NNNYNYN
16324Shalimar Trivandrum Bi-Weekly Express Kolkata Shalimar 10:3510:45NYNNNNY
16325Ahilyanagari Express Indore Junction BG 06:0506:15YNNNNNN
16326Ahilyanagari Express Trivandrum Central 17:0517:15NNNNNYN
16327Korba Tiruvananthapuram Express Korba 06:0506:15NNYNNYN
16328Trivandrum-Korba Express Trivandrum Central 17:0517:15YNNYNNN
16331Mumbai CST-Trivandrum Weekly Express Mumbai CST 16:4016:50YNNNNNN
16332Trivandrum-Mumbai CST Weekly Express Trivandrum Central 15:1015:20NNNNNYN
16339Mumbai CST-Nagercoil Express Mumbai CST 17:0017:10NNYYYNY
16340Nagercoil-Mumbai CST Express Nagercoil Junction 15:4515:55YYYNYNN
16359Ernakulam-Patna Weekly Express Ernakulam Junction (South) 05:0505:15NNNNNYN
16360Patna-Ernakulam Weekly Express Patna Junction 16:4016:50NYNNNNN
16381Mumbai CST - Kanniyakumari(Jayanti Janata) Express Mumbai CST 22:0522:10YYYYYYY
16382Kanyakumari-Mumbai CST(Jayanti Janata) Express Kanniyakumari 19:5020:00YYYYYYY
16525Kanniyakumari-Bangalore (Island) Express Kanniyakumari 00:3000:35YYYYYYY
16526Bangalore - Kanniyakumari (Island) Express Bangalore City Junction 03:4003:45YYYYYYY
16527Yesvantpur - Kannur Express Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 01:4001:45YYYYYYY
16528Kannur - Yeshvantpur Express Kannur Main 01:0001:05YYYYYYY
16537Bangalore-Nagercoil Weekly Express Bangalore City Junction 05:1505:25NNNYNNN
16538Nagercoil-Bangalore Express Nagercoil Junction 21:2521:35NNNNNYN
16609Nagercoil-Coimbatore Express Nagercoil Junction 05:1005:15YYYYYYY
16610Coimbatore-Nagercoil Express Coimbatore Main Junction 22:0522:10YYYYYYY
16611Tuticorin Coimbatore Link Express Tuticorin 05:1005:15YYYYYYY
16612Coimbatore Tuticorin Link Express Coimbatore Main Junction 22:0522:10YYYYYYY
16613Rajkot-Coimbatore Express Rajkot Junction 23:3523:40NNNNNNY
16614Coimbatore-Rajkot Express Coimbatore Main Junction 01:1501:20NNNYNNN
16627West Coast Express Chennai Central 18:0018:10YYYYYYY
16628West Coast Express Mangalore Central 08:2508:35YYYYYYY
16669Yercaud Express Chennai Central 06:25DestinationYYYYYYY
16670Yercaud Express Erode Junction Source21:00YYYYYYY
16687Navyug Express Mangalore Central 02:5003:10YNNNNNN
16688Navyug Express Jammu Tawi 07:5008:15NNNYNNN
16731Tuticorin Mysore Express Tuticorin 00:0100:10YYYYYYY
16732Mysore-Tuticorin Express Mysore Junction 03:1503:25YYYYYYY
16733Rameswaram-Okha Express Rameswaram 05:0505:15NNNNYNN
16734Okha-Rameswaram Express Okha 12:3012:40NYNNNNN
16787Tirunelveli-Jammu Tawi Express Tirunelveli Junction 01:4503:10YNNNYNN
16788Jammu Erode Tirunelveli Link Exp Erode Junction Source08:50NNNYNNY
16855Puducherry-Mangalore Weekly Express Puducherry 23:2023:25NNNYNNN
16856Mangalore - Puducherry (Weekly) Express Mangalore Central 02:2002:25NNNNYNN
16865Karaikkal Ernakulam (Tea Garden) Express Karaikal 23:0023:05YYYYYYY
16866Ernakulam Karaikkal (Tea Garden) Express Ernakulam Junction (South) 04:4004:45YYYYYYY
17229Sabari Express Trivandrum Central 18:2018:30YYYYYYY
17230Sabari Express Hyderabad Deccan Nampally 06:3506:45YYYYYYY
17315Vasco-da-gama Velankanni Express Vasco-da-Gama 05:1505:25YNNNNNN
17316Velankanni - Vasco-da-gama Express Velankanni 20:2020:30NYNNNNN
18189Tatanagar- Alappuzha Alleppey Express-Slip Tatanagar Junction 10:1510:25YYYYYYY
19567Madurai Okha Vivek Express Madurai Junction 06:0006:10YNNNNNN
12507Ernakulam- Guwahati Express Ernakulam Junction (South) 03:0503:10NYNNNNN
12508Guwahati- Ernakulam Express Guwahati 11:1011:20NNNNYNN
12511Rapti Sagar Express Gorakhpur Junction 06:0506:15NNNYYNY
12512Rapti Sagar Express Trivandrum Central 17:0517:15NYYNNNY
12515Trivandrum Central - Guwahati Express Trivandrum Central 23:2023:25NNNNNNY
12516Guwahati-Trivandrum Central Express Guwahati 11:1011:20NNYNNNN
12521Raptisagar Express Barauni Junction 06:0506:15YNNNNNN
12522Raptisagar Express Ernakulam Junction (South) 17:0517:15NNNNYNN
12601Chennai Mangalore Mail Chennai Central 02:0002:05YYYYYYY
12602Mangalore Chennai Mail Mangalore Central 23:0523:10YYYYYYY
12623Chennai Tiruvananthapuram SF Mail Chennai Central 01:0501:10YYYYYYY
12624Tiruvananthapuram Chennai SF Mail Trivandrum Central 00:4500:50YYYYYYY
12625Kerala Express Trivandrum Central 21:5022:00YYYYYYY
12626Kerala Express New Delhi 03:2003:25YYYYYYY
12643Swarna Jayanthi Express Trivandrum Central 01:1501:20NYNNNNN
12644Trivandrum Swarna Jayanti Express Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 23:2023:25NNNNYNN
12645Millennium Express Ernakulam Junction (South) 01:1501:20NNNNNYN
12646Millennium Express Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 23:2023:25NYNNNNN
12647Kongu Express Coimbatore Main Junction 16:3016:35NNNNNNY
12648Kongu Express Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 07:0507:10NNYNNNN
12653Tiruchirappalli Mangalore Weekly Superfast Express Tiruchchirappalli Junction 20:0520:10NNNNNYN
12654Mangalore Tiruchirappalli Weekly Superfast Express Mangalore Central 05:2005:25NNNNNNY
12659Gurudev Express Nagercoil Junction 03:0503:10NNNNNNY
12660Shalimar-Nagercoil Gurudev Express Kolkata Shalimar 09:4009:50NNYNNNN
12671Nilgiri (Blue Mountain) Express Chennai Central 02:4502:50YYYYYYY
12672Nilgiri (Blue Mountain) Express Mettupalayam
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